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10 Questions for 2015 BTE King of the Coast Pro Footbrake Champion Tim Clinton of Hattiesburg, MS.

10 Questions for 2015 BTE King of the Coast Pro Footbrake Champion Tim Clinton of Hattiesburg, MS.
1-Tim congrats on your 2nd KOC Points Championship. To start off did having the experience of winning your 1st KOC championship help you during 2015 season while on your way to your 2nd KOC Championship? If so why? Yes. It gave me “confidence” that I could make a run for the top, but I would need the leaders to fall early.
2-Please give us an outline on how many years you have been racing. What do you consider some of your career highlights? I started racing in 2001, but have always loved it. My brother took me to the Miss State Championships when I was a teen at Hubcity, so you can do to math on how long that was ago. Big Highlight for me was the 2012 KOC Championship. My grandson, Cade, had spent the weekend with Patty and I at the track and those memories are priceless. WFC in 2008 got down to two cars, but Michael Beard (Duck Tape) still had both entries. I lost to Michael that Sunday, but have always considered that a big win. I have also had at least one win at most of the surrounding tracks.
3-Tim run the viewers through what is your process from pulling out of staging lanes to the finish line. Main objective is to win. I try to relax and do all processes to same, engine temp, burnout, in the grove, check dial in, staging, stall rpm, and focus on third bulb. One thing I do before the burnout is watch the tree come down on the race ahead of me.
4-What racer(s) would you say have had the most impact on your racing career and why? I have had so many that have had an impact on my racing that it would be hard to pick out just a few. Bracket racing is a sport that you can get help or advice from racers you know or the one’s you don’t know. Then you as a racer have to put it together.
5-Along the Gulf Coast Region from Baton Rouge to Pensacola give us your Top 10 Active Bracket Racers off the Bottom Bulb and briefly tell us why they are on your Top 10 list. Mike Barnett, Opie Pierce, Thomas Holly, Arron Hill, Danny and Daryle Paul, Robert and John Vance, Travis Lipscomb, Scotty Taylor. I race have raced these guys and they are on top of their game.
6-Now give us your Top 10 Bracket racers active and nonnative in a National Scale. Can’t list 10 but can list a few. Luke Bogacki, Michael Beard, Jared Pennington, Scotty Richardson
7-What are your racing plans for 2016? Racing the KOC, Montz Pro race, SFC, Hubcity, and WFC if $$ allows.
8-What would be your first piece of advice you would give to a new footbraker entering the sport? Make friends with some good racers
9-Tim what do you look for in a bracket race that is out of town that you are considering going to? Will the race be run well….is the racing surface good….is the payout good……weather… I have the money?
10-If you could change one thing about bracket racing what would it be? Don’t think I would change anything. There are different formats ie, double entries, BB Ist rd only or 1st and 2nd, separate re-entry rd, all are fine with me. Only thing I would like to see is some spectators. Would be great for the sport if somebody could figure out how to draw them.
Thanks for time Tim.
I like to thank you Gaylon for keeping the KOC alive and well! I know it takes a lot of work on your part. Also thanks to all the sponsors and Gulfport Dragway.