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Back in Stock at BTE….Two Piece Powerglide and Bellhousing

Two Piece Powerglide Case and Bellhousing

$895.00 USD


BTE’s all new powerglide case improves on our previous design with a lighter and higher quality aftermarket housing.

Powerglide Case – Two Piece – SFI approved

BTE’s all new powerglide case improves on our previous design with a lighter and higher quality aftermarket housing. The two piece design gives flexibility for multiple engine combinations and easier storage options when the bellhousing is removed.


  • Every BTE case includes a high quality IKO roller bearing in the tailshaft area
  • This case is certified for all SFI specifications.  No blanket or shield is needed
  • Each housing is checked on a CMM for machining accuracy
  • Custom powdercoating available
  • Suitable for all racing applications to and beyond 3000 HP
  • Available Summer 2014